Documentary 30'

by Nino Orjonikidze, Vano Arsenishvili

The people of Pankisi Gorge believe that all the important issues of their lives and deaths should be solved through mediation of a favored authority. Altzaney is a woman who interferes in other people’s lives and takes responsibility for it. She mediates between conflicting sides and the two worlds. Altzaney is the only woman trusted to take care of the dead.What makes her so distinguished and authoritative in a totally patriarchal environment, and what is the price she has to pay for it? "Altzaney" gives an insight into a unique community of Pankisi Gorge.

Festivals and Awards

Award for  the best documentary about the "cultural identity" of mountains Film Festival della Lessinia, Italy 2010

DOK Leipzig / Intern. competition, Germany 2009
Festival Les Ecrans documentaires, France 2009
Festival de cinéma de Douarnenez, France 2009
Festival visual anthropology ASPEKTY, Poland 2009
Tbilisi International Film festival, 2009
Jean Rouch Internarional film festival/International competition, France, 2010
International woman’s film festival Dortmund/Cologne, Germany 2010
Festival International du film Ethnographique du Quebec, Canada 2010
Gottingen International film festival, Germany 2010
Eurorama, Trento film festival, Italy 2010
ISEFF, International student ethnographic film festival, UK, 2010
50th Krakow Film Festival / Int.competition 2010
Ethnocineca, Vienna, Austria 2010
Edinburgh, UK, Beyond Borders 2010
Film Festival della Lessinia, Italy 2010

Screening Pankisi Gorge

"Altzaney" was presented to the community of Pankisi Gorge. The screening took place in Duisi, on 12th of November 2010.


The main character of the film Altzaney Margoshvili at the screening.


" The camera work is brilliant. It is a constant caress of the protagonist of this short documentary from Georgia..."

Tue Steen Müller about "altzaney"