“Altzaney” on DocLeipzig

"Altzaney" is officially selected for International competition of the 52nd International Leipzig Festival for documentary and animated films.



"Judging from the number of wrinkles, Altzaney is very old. Her narrow eyes shine with wisdom and goodness. Even while laboriously working on all kinds of chores, deeply bent or on her knees, she radiates a great inner dignity. She is an authority in the small Georgian village. People always call her if there is anything to sort out or any dispute to be settled. She often intercedes in marriage affairs, which the families delicately negotiate according to the old traditions. At first, everyone pretends that it is all about the welfare of the bride and whether the farms will be well matched, but in the end it is only the price that decides the outcome. In the Georgian directors' film, the camera often dwells on Altzaney’s face as she focuses on trying to find the right diplomatic approach to some negotiation, for hers is not a simple role. To all intents and purposes, the ancient patriarchal structures and a deep religious feeling reign supreme here. The director manages to capture a few passing comments which show that Altzaney herself knows best that she is not a saint. She is just needed. This makes for a touching portrait, but also an ethnographic look at the workings of a village community which follows rules that are not from our age."

Cornelia Klauss

Official Festival Trailer