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The Bridge /documentary 35 '/ 2005 (for Rustavi 2)

film by Nino Orjonikidze, Vano Arsenishvili

Holiday that unites on the bridge that divides. The film is shot within the two km long buffer zone - on the Enguri Bridge. It separates Georgia and its breakaway Republic of Abkhazia. It divides lives and families of hundreds of ordinary people, who are crossing this bridge every day on foot, overcoming obstacles at their own risk.

Asylanten /documentary 35 '/ 2004 (for Rustavi 2)

film by Nino Orjonikidze, Vano Arsenishvili

In a search of a better life a 61 years old Kakhetian peasant Lamzo illegally crossed the European border and ended up in the asylum camp, where hundreds of Georgians end their European "journey". What happens in the largest refugee camp in Austria and who are the nowadays "political" migrants? This is the film about the reality of Georgian's European dream.

A Journey to Leuville / TV documentary 45'/ 2014 (for Imedi TV)

The film follows the writer Lasha Bugadze on his journey to discover the real story and nowadays reality of the Georgian Chateau in Leuville-sur-Orge, France, where Georgian government in exile used to live from 1924.  This TV documentary was produced for the Broadcasting company IMEDI TV, executive producer Irakli Imnaishvili.

other projects

"When a party leader became a mom of four”

reality documentary soap - 3 series 2005, 180 min
(for Rustavi2)

The project is a social experiment, based on a reality show principles. The Member of Georgian Parliament becomes a mother of four in a rural area of Georgia. Her means for living are as tiny as the real income of the family.

6 Series of TV Docs (25' each) on human rights abuses in Georgia 2002-2003 (for Internews Georgia)



"Trace" /2002/

The documentary covers the facts of torture in the places of preliminary detention in Post Soviet Georgia. It shows how much torture influences mental and physical health of detainees. Together with the victims of torture, psychotherapist reveals the new methods of torture and the level of influence on a mental health of victims and their relatives. Expert-criminalist unveils the new methods and effects of so called "traceless" torture. According to the stories told by two victims, 12-hour period of detention has totally ruined their mental and physical health.

"Verge" /2002/

This is a film about intolerance and aggression on religious grounds. It covers the 5 year period of discrimination from the end of 20th century, using the rich archive material. The story is told from the perspective of representatives of different religious confessions.

"Post Soviet Georgia"/2003


What kind of censorship exists in the 21st century Georgia? Protagonists are victims of the contemporary Georgian practice, though the censors are mostly ordinary citizens.

"Landscape in the mist" /2003

What we see in the film is the wonderful Svanetian landscape, but what we hear from residents of the beautiful place called Lentekhi is an environmental disaster. Locals claim that a waste from the abandoned chemical factory continues to pollute the area. Film follows and explores several cases of environmental pollution in different areas of the country.

"X days in hauptwacht"/2003

Two soldiers are kept in the hauptwacht for disciplinary errors. The unique building inherited from the Soviet past is the piece of the ruined regime, but the unlawful detention of soldiers is still the present reality. Conditions of living in a Hauptwach are not different from a prison, but still one does not need a court decision to be held there.

"The Police Academy"/2003

The film depicts a day in a life of a future policemen - 17 years old boys and girls, already wearing a police uniform. Students of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are sharing motives of their professional choice, their perception of human rights and their own role in defending these rights.