"10 minutes of Democracy" is the first joint project of two independent Georgian production companies – ARTEFACT Production and SAKDOC film. It is initiated by Nino Orjonikidze, Vano Arsenishvili and Salome Jashi and unites 3 non-commercial documentary shorts. Films do not show the state of democracy directly, but rather reflect on it through artistic approach.

The project gave the opportunity to filmmakers to produce artistic documentaries that are not usually commissioned by commercial broadcasters of the region. Project also served as the promotion and support of the small, independent film production companies and freelance documentary filmmakers. British filmmaker Gideon Koppel assisted the project to develop film ideas. As a result three documentary shorts ("Altzaney" by Nino Orjonikidze, Vano Arsenishvili, "Speechless" by Salome Jashi and "When clocks stop" by Tiko Nachkebia) were produced.


"Speechless" /Documentary 12’ 2009/
film by Salome Jashi
Production: Artefact production/Sakdoc film

The 2008 Georgian War resulted in the deaths of several hundred people and expulsion of tens of thousands from South Ossetia. Is there a way to show the tragedy of families that lost their loved ones, thousands of people forced to leave their homes, soldiers doing the fighting, and children who cannot comprehend the situation? Salome Jashi answers this question in a way that leaves few apathetic, though the horrors of war are never visible on the screen. Her short film is based on an interesting formula of making the audience witness to a tragedy it never sees.


"When clocks stop" /Documentary 12’ 2009/
film by Tiko Nachkebia
Production: Artefact production/Sakdoc film

What curse the building of the Georgian Public Service Broadcasting bears while none of the changes can affect it?

A lyrical portrait of the state institution resistant to new tendencies and still rolling on Soviet tracks.


"Altzaney" /Documentary 30’ 2009/
film by Nino Orjonikikidze/Vano Arsenishvili
Production: Artefact production/Sakdoc film