• vanishing houses
    Vanishing Houses


Off-road travelogue in a search of vanishing stories

vanishing houses

Images of these houses were collected with no specific purpose, while travelling throughout Georgia from one filming location to another. Almost all of them seemed to be abandoned.

Vanishing Houses is an ongoing multimedia Project in development.



It is not an ethnographic study, just an attempt to capture artifacts of vanishing culture. Fascinated by the simplicity and sense of style of rural houses in western Georgia, we wanted to re-create that atmosphere through still and moving images, through sound. It is a journey into a vanishing world we want to experience in our own way.



At the same time "Vanishing Houses" help us to explore a concept of home.



The uniqueness of these houses is in their abandoned nature, fragmentation. Stories are hidden in details. Aura created around them is mystical. Small fragments of once existing life have a quality to trigger the imagination and throw us back to our own fragmented memory.









Multimedia project


by Nino Orjonikidze, Vano Arsenishvili




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